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Vestry & Leadership

Mount Olivet Vestry

Senior Warden

  • Kim Baker

Junior Warden

  • Dennis Whaley


  • Cyndi Hardy


  • Hazel Pomfret

Vestry At-Large Members

  • Michael Crochet

  • ​Daniel DuPont

  • Cynthia Hill

  • ​Heidi Lee

All are invited to monthly vestry meetings. The vestry meets on the third Sunday of the month.

Committees and Support

Altar Guild

  • Cyndi Hardy and Cynthia Hill

Lay Eucharistic Ministry

  • Kim Baker, Lily Warner, and Dennis Whaley


  • John Neisler and Dennis Whaley

    • Lincoln Neisler (Jr. Usher)


  • Chris Pomfret, Betsy Burke, Jackie Clarkson, Trish Eubanks, Catharine Jones, Shirley Martin, and John Neisler

Marthas (Welcome and Hospitality Ministry)

  • Kim Baker, Betsy Burke, Daniel and Ella DuPont, Cyndi Hardy, Cynthia Hill, Catharine Jones, Shirley Martin, Wendy Neisler, Hazel Pomfret, and Marty Stroble 

Venue and Events

  • Daniel DuPont, Heidi Lee, John Neisler, Wendy John Neisler, Rockford Sansom, and Abigail Taylor-Sansom


  • ​Daniel DuPont

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