founded 1846


530 Pelican Avenue on Historic Algiers Point, New Orleans

504 366-4650


Sunday Schedule

Bible Study: 9:10 A.M.

Holy Eucharist: 10:00 A.M.


The Very Rev. Dr. Jean Alden McCurdy Meade, PhD, Rector




 Mr. Marty Stroble, Senior Warden

Mr. Dennis Whaley ,Junior Warden

Ms. Cassandra Milstead, Clerk of the Vestry

Ms. Madeline Stroble, Treasurer

Ms Kim Baker

Ms Betsy Burke

Ms Rebecca Callais

Ms. Carolyn Crochet

Ms. Valeria Emmett

Mr Dan Fontoent

 Ms. Heidi Lee

Mr. H.E. Milstead

Mr. John Picou






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 Downtown Deanery


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We the members of Mt. Olivet Church seek to develop and maintain the light, love, and peace of God in our lives so that these gifts may ultimately be shared with others.

Light: We hope to maximize our individual talents completely as a cohesive whole for the full benefit of our members, neighbors, and community.

Love: We desire to create an inclusive community of faith where all are welcome to become a part of a growing Church family whose members love God and one another.

Peace: We endeavor to better understand and study – through instruction, worship, and guidance – God’s word for application and incorporation into our daily lives.